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“February 21,1876: William Donovan founded Wadley, named for William Morrill Wadley who was the president of the Central of Georgia Railway. Wadley was incorporated as a town by an act of the Georgia Legislature with William Donovan being elected as the first mayor.”

135 Years:  2/21/1876 – 2/21/2011



12 Responses to Home

  1. Tomorrow is September 11. thought i would share this poem i wrote about 9/11 about 8 years ago.

    Nine Eleven Zero One
    Lower Manhattan
    West St
    Clear Skies
    Tall Towers
    Planes in sight
    More Smoke
    Clear skies
    Turn into smoke filled skies
    People running
    Towers falling
    Pyroclastic cloud
    Rolling down the street
    Blocking sunlight
    Dark sky
    Daylight reappears
    Streets covered
    Ash filled streets, paper
    Grey city
    Evening falls
    Sundown approaches
    Dust floating in the sky
    Loss of Power
    Nine Eleven Zero One
    City skyline
    Looking Empty
    No Towers
    America The Beautiful
    From the lakes of Minnesota
    To the hills of Tennessee
    Across the Plains of Texas
    From sea to shining sea
    From Detroit down to Houston
    And New Yorrk to L.A.
    Where theres pride in every
    American Heart
    God Bless The U.S.A.
    United We Stand
    Never Forget
    Nine Eleven Zero One.

    Some of the lines of this poem come from the lyrics of Lee Greenwood’s song God Bless The U.S.A. (1984).

  2. Tamera says:

    I love the site but I am curious who the owner is?

  3. Before Wadley there was Bethany, Ga. Founded 1841 by Rev. William Clarke Hauser MD, pastor of the Bethany Methodist Church and owner of the plantation Hesperia, where he and his wife Eliza are buried. Rev. Hauser served as chaplain of the 48th Georgia Regiment during the civil war. While residing at Hesperia he also taught medicine at Ogalthorpe Medical College in Savannah. He wrote music in a form for singing hymnals known as “shaped note” singing. He spoke four languages and was an accomplished musician. A royal arch masonic lodge in Wadley bears his name. His son Dr. William Clark Hauser, who also served in the civil war, was a pharmacist in Wadley and Louisville. Dr. Hauser’s son, Carl Lewis Hauser, owned and operated the telegraph between Wadley and Lousville until 1934.

  4. Jennie Calhoun Miller says:

    Reply to William C. Hauser, Jr.
    Currently working at the Jefferson Co. Library System, in Louisville, GA, I am looking for information on Wm C. Hauser, Sr. Also, interested in finding out where Hesperia Plantation was exactly located in Bethany. I am always interested in any new information I can find on Wadley. My family goes back for generations in Wadley.

    • Bill Hauser says:

      Hesperia was located on the SW corner of College and Cooper. I think Cooper may have changed names. I can send you a photo if you’ll send me your email.

      • Bill Hauser says:

        I made a mistake on the loaction. Hesperia Plantation was located on the SW corner of EA Goodson Rd. & Cooper Rd. Cooper Rd changes name to W Smith St and ends on the east end at the Cheatham/Hauser (Wadley City) Cemetery. Preservation of this site would be appreciated by the family.

      • Steven Umberger says:

        My name is Steve Umberger and I live in Newnan Ga.One of my family lines is Cheatham and I am especially interested in the connection between the Hauser family and the Cheatham family.My ancestor James Wesley Cheatham married Naomi Mississippi Miller prior to the Civil war. They were married by William Hauser. The families were close, but I don’t know the exact link. William Hauser’s sister Rachel married John Miller In N.C. and William’s brother Martin married Christina Miller, so perhaps Naomi is a daughter of Rachel and thus a niece of William and Eliza. If you can help with this , I would be so grateful. Also if you have a picture of Hesperia or any Hauser home or family member, I would be grateful for copies at this e-mail address. If I can help you with any Cheatham info ( including a picture of their plantation) please let me know. Thank you Bill.

      • Steven, contact me via email direct. I have lots of info and family trees on Ancestry.com

    • Bill Hauser says:

      I also have a great deal of family information on the Norris & Johnson families of Wadley. I have a tree on ancesty .com that you may be interested in that will explain the links to most of Jefferson Counties founding families.

  5. Joseph R. Gainey says:

    Where is Dr. Houser buried and is Hesperia still standing?

    • Rev. William Clarke Hauser MD is buried in the Bethany Cemetary AKA Wadley Cemetary AKA Cheatham Cemetary. Hesperia burned in the the late 30’s. The Oak trees planted by my great great grandfather were still standing in 2009 and mark the Hesperia site.

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