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  1. Ayanna Walker says:

    looking for information on the Harmon families from Wadley Georgia, Robert Harmon, Willie C Harmon, Roosevelt (Pete)Harmon, Mattie Mae, Lester or Lesley Harmon, Tommy Dale Harmon. Raised by Tom Harmon and Hattie Harmon and brought to Youngstown Ohio

  2. Ayanna Walker says:

    may perhaps were adopted families or family members switching children

  3. I am a citizen of Wadley, Ga. Born and raised here I am curious while isn’t there more black history facts on this site. I am presently preparing a Black History Program on The City of Wadley. I was surprised to see that there was very little facts about the African Americans contribution to the building and growth of our city.
    If you have any important black history facts about Wadley’s Black Community from the 1800’s to the present time please post them to enlighten our community as a whole. My contact information,, P O Box332, Wadley,Ga30477, PH# 478-2521116 ext.21,or 478-206-0505.
    Cathy A. Moye Code Enforcement Officer

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