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  1. Diana Reynolds Periman says:

    According to what I have been told since I was a young girl & what is published in the book on the history of Jefferson County(Wadley section) the first merchant in Wadley was Seaborn L. Peterson, who was my great grandfather.

    • itisasecret says:

      Hi, Diana. I’m a relative of Seaborn Peterson from Wadley. I’m trying to get more information about him, his father, and where the Peterson’s came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Pam Peterson DeNeve

      • cameron says:

        I believe that I am also a relative, I also need more info. please email me at lush0″at”
        or text call seven 2 seven, three six 4 , one 4 two two.

        Cameron Peterson

  2. Charles Jackson Pendley says:

    I’m happy to see that you have taken this valuable initiative. I have many relatives who were born and grew up in and around Wadley. I have some historical material about Wadley I would like to post on this site.

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