R. G. Foster (1902 – 1986):

(Roy G. Foster, SR.)

-R. G. Foster was born on  January 1, 1902

-*Foster is a native of Wildesboro, NC

-*Founded R. G. Foster & Company, a highway constructing firm.

-*Some of his projects included the first section of I-95 built in Georgia, original drainage for Ft. Steward, Redstone Arsenal Alabama Test Stand for Original Saturn Rocket, and several sections of I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

-*Headed Foster Machining Company, a heavy machinery distributorship in south Georgia.

-*He was a member of the Methodist Church and was involved in many civic activities.

-He was mayor from 1943 To 1961, Mayor Emeritus from 1962 To 1986, *and ex-chairman of the state Republican Party.

-He is the father of Virginia Lee Thurston; Roy G. Foster, Jr; and Elizabeth (Betty) Foster Fulghum.

-*Foster has one brother, H. B. Foster, and one sister, Mrs. R. F. Cranor

-His parents were William Hayes and Dorothy Walsh Foster.

-He Died on March 29, 1986. He is buried in the Foster division of Wadley Cemetery.

R. G. Foster Sr’s gravestone at the cemetery.

*=From the News and Farmer, 4/3/1986
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